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Dental Crown

Dental CrownsAt Chatswood Dental Care, we offer the finest state of the art dental crown services, and have years of experience in the reconstructing the severely broken down dentition. Whether you suffer from discolored teeth that need a modern porcelain aesthetic makeover in Zirconia porcelain or you have broken down teeth that have lost much of their volume dental crowns are the solution to restore a long-lasting smile.

Dr. Hart is highly experienced in crown and bridge treatment working with some of the best local dental technicians and a range of modern porcelain technologies such as Zirconia and Di-Silicate porcelain to create the finest custom made dental crowns and bridges available anywhere.

Dr Hart may take photos or make study models of your mouth to create a custom plan for your dental crowns. He will prepare your tooth into a core under Local Anaesthetic that is the foundation on which the crown sits. The new crown is fashioned on a mold and colored matched in porcelain to your adjacent teeth. The crown can then be cemented or bonded onto the prepared tooth core to restore your tooth to long term functionality and comfort. You will now be able to smile and eat confidently.

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