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Dr Tim Hart BDS

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Dr Tim Hart
We provide a full range of dental services including:

IMPORTANT COVID-19 Coronavirus UPDATE for our patients:

Chatswood Dental Care is operational and is readily placed to handle the evolving COVID-19 / Coronavirus situation. Due to our high standards of Infection Control, none of our patients need be concerned that access to urgent dental care has been curtailed. Chatswood Dental Care is available to help you with your urgent dental care issues in a safe, sterile environment.

Caring for Chatswood & Sydney North Shore families for 20 years.

Chatswood Dental CareTaking care of all your dental needs, gently and effectively

At Chatswood Dental Care our team delivers to your family the highest standards of dental care.

In 2017 Chatswood Dental Care achieved Practice Accreditation which is awarded for both excellence in dental clinical practice and infection control.

Dr Tim Hart BDS, Cert.Implant is a highly experienced dentist providing advanced general dental, cosmetic to implant solutions to people in Chatswood & Sydney's North Shore.

Chatswood Dental Care offers you: 

  • excellence in general dental, cosmetic and implant dentistry
  • experienced oral care for your whole family
  • Dental Emergency-After hours Emergency Dentist  0409900252 
  • comprehensive planning and  gentle dental care 
  • a modern state-of-the-art practice
  • strict infection control standards
  • genuinely caring staff focused on your comfort and dental health
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