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Before & After Dentistry

At Chatswood Dental Care, we believe a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ll let these ‘before and after’ photographs speak for themselves.

All procedures have been carried out by Dr Tim Hart on Chatswood Dental Care patients.

For more information about any of these procedures or to discuss your individual needs, please call us on (02) 9412 2295.

Before - Two discoloured incisors
After - Solution: Two porcelain veneers
Before - Old crowns
After - Solution: Six zirconia crowns
Before - Misaligned Smile
After - Solution: Four porcelain crowns
Before - Two missing teeth
After - Solution: Bridge replacement
Before - Old amalgam filling
After - Solution: tooth-coloured fillings
Before - Malformed tooth
After - Solution: composite veneer
Before - Acid enamel erosion
After - Solution: complete veneer makeover
Before - Enamel abrasion and discolouration
After - Solution: Full-mouth crown reconstruction
Before - Missing tooth
After - Solution: Implant fixture and crown
Before - Lost tooth
After - Solution: Implant and two crown
Before - Fractured root
After - Solution: Implant
Before - Gaps and discolouration
After - Solution: Orthodontics and crown reconstruction
Before - Sports trauma
After - Solution: Root canal and two crowns
Before - Discolouration
After - Solution: Upper - porcelain veneers, lower - Zoom whitening