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Family and Children's Dentistry
Welcome to gentle, caring family dentistry

We are family dentists who are dedicated to helping your children form a positive attitude toward their dental care.

Dr Hart has a great deal of experience caring for families and children. In fact there are several instances where we are caring for three generations of the same family.

We believe children’s dentistry importantly involves preventive education. Ideally, children should begin visiting the dentist regularly from an early age (3 years) so they follow good hygiene and dental habits throughout their lifetime. This will make it easier to avoid or manage childhood dental problems and also helps minimise future complications. As children’s enamel is thinner than adults, decay can progress rapidly so we recommend regular 6-monthly examinations.

Dr Hart is skilled at looking after children’s teeth. His gentle, caring and patient manner ensures that their visits to the dentist are as pleasant an experience as possible and not one to be feared.

Your child’s first appointment at Chatswood Dental Care

Parents can help their children by talking positively about the dental visit beforehand and once at the surgery, our senior dental assistant Farzeneh will make your little one comfortable. We show children’s programmes on the ceiling TV to help relax your child.  

At the first visit we perform an examination noting your child’s eruption progress, perform oral hygiene education, clean, apply topical fluoride and assess future orthodontic needs.

Although treatment is always as gentle and minimally invasive as possible, we believe doing too much too quickly may cause a long-term bad experience so we will not push a child beyond their limits. We like to give them time to get to know us first but if immediate treatment is required to relieve a painful tooth we make sure we explain the treatment to both parent and child.
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