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When looking for a new dentist in the Killarney Heights area, one of the names you may hear quite often is that of Dr. Hart and his team at Chatswood Dental Care. We have become a household name for residents of Killarney Heights, and are proudly so. In fact, Chatswood Dental Care is the name that many people have come to know and trust for their dentist in the Sydney area.

We offer all our customers, new and old, many different services. Whether you are looking to get a painful tooth extracted using state of the art techniques that preserve as much of the bone as possible, or to get assistance with ill fitting dentures (many local nursing homes pick us as their provider of choice for the expertise we can offer in this area), or perhaps help with a sleep apnea device, Dr. Hart and his team has your needs covered. We can also assist you with things like TMJ pain and prevention, preventative oral care, and your regular check-ups.

Dr. Hart is known to be a caring dentist with a calm demeanour, who has and utilises some of the most up to date techniques, and can provide exceptional care for the elderly, Veterans and the disabled. Our office at Chatswood Dental Care is disability accessible, whether you are coming by car or train, with a lift up to our office. If you need assistance, we will do what we can to help accommodate you.

If you are seeking a dentist in the Killarney Heights area, whether you are new to the area or not, Dr. Hart at Chatswood Dental Care would be happy to provide you with your dental health needs. Call our office at (02) 9412 2295 or email us at info@chatswooddentalcare.com.au and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.


T: (02) 9412 2295
E: info@chatswooddentalcare.com.au

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